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Fish Lake

balıklı göl

Balıklı Göl in Hıdırnebi Plateau, Trabzon: Natural Beauty and Activities

Balıklı Göl (Fish Lake) in Trabzon is a suitable place for natural beauty, hiking, and outdoor activities. This lake, with its rich vegetation and aquatic life, attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Located in Hıdırnebi Plateau in Trabzon, Balıklı Göl is known for its natural beauty, hiking trails, and outdoor activities. With its rich vegetation and diverse aquatic life, this lake is visited by thousands of tourists annually.

Visitors can engage in various outdoor activities around Balıklı Göl, such as hiking, picnicking, and fishing. The lake is home to fish species like trout, carp, and freshwater crayfish, offering fishing opportunities to visitors.

Surrounded by forests, meadows, hills, and mountainous areas, the lake boasts a rich vegetation cover, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in natural beauty.

Balıklı Göl is one of the most popular destinations for nature tourism in Trabzon, attracting thousands of tourists each year. Various measures are taken to preserve the natural habitat around the lake.

In conclusion, Balıklı Göl is a must-visit destination in Trabzon for its natural beauty, hiking trails, and outdoor activities, with its rich vegetation and diverse aquatic life.

This lake, formed due to the geographical structure of our region, is located in the Balıklı yayla of Akçaabat. It is situated along the road to Hıdırnebi Plateau. This magnificent lake is used as a resting and picnic area by many visitors during both summer and winter months.