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Sera Lake Resort

Spa & Wellness

Rediscover yourself with our Spa which you can resfresh mentally and physically.
With mystic far east touches, our culture’s thousands of years unique tradition you get ready to enjoy peace and refreshment.

Sera Lake Resort Spa - Trabzon

We are waiting for you at the SERA SPA for a great rest that will give peace to your soul and body.

It is enough to choose us to rediscover yourself and put your feelings in action.

Turkish bath, sauna, steam room are free of charge.

Our Sauna is made from high quality wood species and will give you an indescribable comfort and happiness.

Our bathroom is a type of bathroom that is based on the principle of high-humidity and low temperature. It cleanses the skin pores , helping to remove toxins. Our Steam room, is made from Mosaic and natural stone material.

Bath Therapies

Turkish bath feels like a ceremony which rests your body with the anatolian culture
and art. You will feel yourself an old Sultan with the radiating heat. With the relaxing impact of bath steam, your body will be getting hotter and your skin softer.


Sauna and steam bath’s relaxing and refreshing effect is removing stress and exhaustion from your body also make possive effect to your neural system. Moreover, Sauna makes your immune system stronger to the external influences.Our Sauna room is seperated as male and female.

Body Glove

Having over 500 years of history turkish bath is a body care which you can loose all your sloughs and open your pores by silk glove at navel stone.

Massage & Therapies

Sweden Massage

Made of soft and middle pressures composition Sweden Massage known as main massage of all massages types. It warns blood circulation and raises energy which makes you relax and lose all your stress.

Sport Massage

In sportif activities, before of after sport this massage is applied with the condition of being fast and limited. This massage makes athletes lose their fatigue materials, prevents muscle damage and tendon tearing by protecting
from muscle hardness cramp.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is applied with slow tempo and deep pressures, it helps to chronicle pain, movement disorders, standing disorders and chronicle muscle strain. Also if there is fibromyalgia, it is applied to tissues, neural crest and
connective tissue to heal faster.

Cellulite Massage

In this massage type it is applied with special oil and intense pressure in particular areas ion body. It makes your blood circulation faster and prevents occuring cellulite.

Traditional Bali Massage

Pressures,soft touches and stretching to the energy points of body go deep in muscle tissue and balace all energy centers. It raises your energy level and regenerates you by losing all your muscle strains.

Indian Head Massage

You will lose headache and feel aliveness,relaxing on your face with this aromatic oil head&face massage.

Excellent location. The scenery is indescribable beautiful. The crew is excellent and the breakfast is fantastic. Nothing negative.

Rating: 10

I have to say a lot of things and I do not know from where to start, they have been always very kind. İ dont want mention the breakfast overlooking the lake, the breakfast was so delicious. The SPA was great. We will definitely come again. There’s nothing negative.

Rating: 10

Everything is clean and the staff are very kind and friendly, the view is super beautiful. They cooperate with when I forgot my baby blanket and they keep it until I come. Their breakfast is not buffet but they offer full turkish breakfast on your table. Room service, restaurant and all services are very fast.

Rating: 9.7

Spa Rezervasyon Formu

Spa Rezervasyon Formu