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Trekking and Climbing in Trabzon

trabzonda trekking ve dağcılık
trabzonda trekking ve dağcılık
trabzonda trekking ve dağcılık
Trekking ve Dağcılık
Trekking ve Dağcılık
trabzonda trekking ve dağcılıkTrekking ve Dağcılık

Trekking and Mountaineering in Trabzon

Trekking and mountaineering are among the most important activities in Trabzon. The route of Kulin Mountain is the most significant trekking route. Starting from Kulindağı Plateau, which is affiliated with Maçka district of Trabzon, the trekking route ends at Kulindağı Plateau – Figanoy Plateau – Lişer Plateau.

After trekking, on the first weekend of July, you can participate in the cold water activities at Lişer Plateau. You can also set up camps during mountain walks. Additionally, various mountaineering styles can be applied.

The most important mountaineering route is the Uzungöl-Demirkapı-Karakaya (Çaykara) trail.

Trabzon Trekking Hiking Trails

Maçka – Ocaklı – Kulindağı Plateau – Figanoy Plateau – Lişer Plateau

Lişer Plateau – Kayabaşı Plateau – Haçka Plateau in Düzköy District

Çaykara Uzungöl Village – Karastel Plateau – Şekersu Plateau

Altındere Valley in Maçka District – Sümela Monastery – Çakırgöl

Çakırgöl Zigana Pass Hamsiköy (Old Historic Road) in Maçka District

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