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Uzungol Travel Guide

uzungol travel guide
uzungol travel guide
uzungol travel guide
uzungol travel guide
uzungol travel guide
uzungöl trabzon
uzungol trabzon
uzungol travel guideuzungol travel guideuzungöl trabzonuzungol trabzon

Uzungol Travel Guide: Where is it? How to get there? What are the activities?

The sky is blue, white clouds and a lush green forest meets you in Uzungol.

You breathe the sky like the flow of the clear waters of Uzungol to the Black Sea in every breath. Uzungöl, which is 99 km away from Trabzon and 19 km away from the sea level, is a natural lake which was built in 1600s after the landslides of the valley slopes of Uzungöl, Şerah village settled at the height of 1090 m above sea level. The settlement area that was formed around it also takes its name from ad Uzungöl.

Uzungöl attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists and the tourist potential is very high. In addition to the nature and trekking, bird-watching, botanical tours of the lake and the highest Haldizen valley in Trabzon, there are opportunities to organize trips to the lakes between the mountains in the higher mountains or the natural beauty of the nearby Karadeniz architecture, including the traditional Karadeniz architecture, as well as trips to the highlands. .

Mount Haldizen 3,325 meters. Haldizen valley, landslide as a result of the closure of the river bed in the form of a dam as a result of the steep slopes around the lake, and slopes covered with spruce forests exhibit an attractive landscape. Uzungol shows little difference in terms of water level in season. The 1090 m high lake is approximately 1000 meters long, 500 meters wide and 15 meters deep. Natural trout live in the lake.long Lake

When to Visit Uzungol?

Uzungöl is a visitor throughout the year. In the summer months, Uzungöl has another beauty in the winter months, but it takes most visitors during the summer months.

A small number of visitors visit Uzungöl during the winter months. Incoming guests are usually tourists from Europe. Of course, in addition to the winter beauty and nature of the locals who are looking for the beauty of winter tourists visit Uzungol in the winter months. Tourists visiting Uzungol in the summer are usually tourists from the Arab world. In the summer, the Uzungle flocks almost like the Arab tourists. In winter, you can also come across Arab tourists.

Local Flavors of Uzungol

Restaurants in the Black Sea region of Uzungol are waiting for you. You can start your day with an organic breakfast here, where you can have a busy schedule. In this sense, I can advise you to say that you have not previously eaten or that you have not tasted before.

The flavor, which is served as a mixture of the type of cheese called cornmeal and minci, is roasted in the real butter produced in the plateaus and is transformed into a delicious food that you can eat your fingers. Definitely the flavor you’ll want to see on your breakfast menu, as it’s organic, served as a hot menu for breakfast.

Things to Do in Uzungol

The first thing to do on your to-do list in Uzungöl is to discover the wonderful nature. If you wish to explore this nature, walk, jeep safaris, you can choose. You will once again admire the Black Sea after unique discoveries on the unique highlands and on the lake.

  • Shopping in Uzungöl

When you visit this natural wonder holiday resort, you can buy as a memory of Uzungol, handcrafted in the surrounding villages, especially by using wooden board, spoon, pestemal with the colors specific to the region, souvenirs and souvenirs where you can buy pretty cute dolls with local clothes.

  • Helicopter Tour in Uzungol

An activity that has attracted much attention recently has been presented to the visitors of Uzungöl. This activity is a unique opportunity for those who want to watch a bird eye view. Yes Uzungöl helicopter tour is a popular activity model.

  • Paragliding in Uzungol

Akyazı Flight Hill, which is 10 km away from the city of Trabzon, Akçakale Hill, which is 25 km away, Varoz Flight Hill 35 km away, Düzköy Haçka Training Hill and Uzungöl Flight Hill are the important trails.

  • ATV Tour in Uzungol

You can do ATV tours by renting ATV or accompanied by professional people. It will increase your adrenaline level in this activity, which is intertwined with dust, mud and nature.

  • Nature Photography in Uzungol

Another thing you can do during your trip to Uzungol is nature photography if you are curious. As you can do individually, you can also take part in safari-style photography.

How To Get to Uzungol, Distance To Our Hotel

Uzungol buses depart from Trabzon at certain intervals and go directly to Uzungol, click for Uzungol bus times.

The route to reach Uzungöl is as follows: Trabzon – Yomra – Araklı – Sürmene – Of – Uzungöl