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Houses of Ortamahalle

Trabzon-akçaabat-ortamahalle-evleri (2)
Trabzon-akçaabat-ortamahalle-evleri (2)
trabzon-akçaabat-ortamahalle-evleri (2)
Trabzon-akçaabat-ortamahalle-evleri (1)
trabzon-akçaabat-ortamahalle-evleri (1)
Trabzon-akçaabat-ortamahalle-evleri (2)Trabzon-akçaabat-ortamahalle-evleri (1)

Where is Houses of Ortamahalle. How to go? When to go?

In the Black Sea, the mountains extend parallel to the sea. There are roads leading from the sea to the mountains of Trabzon. On one of those roads, when you climb from Akçaabat, you meet the Ortamahalle with its magnificent mansions that testify to you on a slope overlooking the Black Sea. The cobblestoned paved roads carry the footsteps of those descending for centuries. Ortamahalle which greetes you with its lovely smells in your nose from roses, carnations, midges, fruit trees, and people who were sitting in the middle of Akçaabat and gazing with loving eyes welcomed.

History of Orta Mahalle Houses

Ortamahalle welcomes you. These houses were made a hundred years ago. Such lucky houses. But the owners are unlucky! Do you why? As in other parts of Akçaabat, those who lived in the Ortamahalle were forced to migrate because they had been occupied and were Muslims! At that time, some of the Muslim houses were demolished, wrecked! Those who do not hear immigration because they are nonMuslim during the bombing would be protected from the gunfire, attack and loot by the flags of their windows to the windows of Akçaabat’s middle-class homes. The day would come when nonMuslims will protect and protect their homes! The war was over, the invaders were withdrawn, the Muslim refugees returned, and they signed exchange agreement this time immigrated the nonMuslim people of Akçaabat!

The municipal council decided for the Ortamahalle, which had survived for years with its historic houses, streets, mosques, churches, schools, fountains and gardens decorated with colorful flowers, and Akçaabat became a member of the Historical Towns Union…