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Outdoor Sports in Trabzon

Jeep Safari
Jeep Safari
Jeep Safari
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Activities in the Black Sea and Trabzon Nature Sports

Trabzon, with its abundant greenery and blue waters, is one of the irresistible destinations for nature enthusiasts.
You can go trekking accompanied by clean air amidst rich vegetation and lush greenery. You can also climb on mountaineering trails.

  • Off Road

If you prefer not to walk but still want to explore natural beauty, you can enjoy Jeep Safari.
Moreover, for those who want to witness the harmony and beauty of green and blue from above, you can try paragliding. There are also rivers for rafting, perfect for those who love adrenaline and excitement.

Trabzon Off Road Routes

Çaykara-Karaçam-SoğanlıKuşmer 47.48 kilometers
Moderate difficulty place Ataköy, Trabzon (Republic of Turkey) Hamsiköy Vicinity 12.16 kilometers
Moderate difficulty place Hamsiköy, Trabzon (Turkey) Sultan Murat Plateau – Bayburt Aydıntepe 39.26 kilometers
Arpalı, Trabzon (Turkey) Uzungöl – Üzengili – Soğanlı Mountain 46.63 kilometers

  • Jeep Safari

4X4 Jeep safari is an important activity to explore the stabilized roads of the Black Sea. Contribution to this activity comes from every district.

Jeep Safari Routes

Akçaabat – Düzköy – Kayabaşı Plateau – Lişer Plateau – Şolma Tourism Center Maçka Trabzon – Araklı – Dağbaşı – Aydıntepe Underground City – Demirkapı Lakes – Uzungöl – Çaykara – Off – Trabzon are important Jeep Safari routes.

  • Orienteering Sport

Orienteering is a sport involving finding direction with the help of a map, usually preferred in forested terrain. The natural riches in Trabzon provide a magnificent infrastructure for orienteering. Trabzon’s first Orienteering Championship was held on May 6-7, 2017, in Mağmat Boğazı and Zağnos Valley-Atatürk Area in Ortahisar district.

  • Paragliding

Trabzon, with its steep slopes, has some of the world’s most notable paragliding routes. Akyazı Flight Hill, located 10 km from Trabzon city center, Akçakale Hill 25 km away, Varoz Flight Hill 35 km away, Düzköy Haçka Training Hill, and Uzungöl Flight Hill are important routes.

As for paragliding in the province, paragliding training conducted jointly by the THK (Turkish Aeronautical Association) and the Trabzon Governorship has been completed, and certificates have been given to successful individuals. The province and its surroundings have suitable areas for paragliding, and the most preferred flight routes include the mountains surrounding Uzungöl and the Akyazı coast.

Paragliding Routes

The most frequently chosen flight route: Uzungöl-Karastel Hill / Uzungöl-Karaçımah Hill / Akçaabat Karadağ Hıdırnebi (Yaylakent) Front / Çalköy Town, Düzköy District Doğankaya Çayırbağı.

Especially during paragliding over Uzungöl, magnificent views can be observed.

  • Trekking and Mountaineering in Trabzon

Trekking and mountaineering are among the most important activities in Trabzon. The Kulindağı route is the most important trekking route. Starting from Kulindağı Plateau, located in Maçka district of Trabzon, the trekking route ends with Lişer Plateau – Figanoy Plateau. After trekking, you can participate in the cold water activities in Lişer Plateau on the first weekend of July. You can also camp during mountain walks. Additionally, various mountaineering styles can be applied. Click here for hiking trails in Trabzon.

  • Bird and Plant Observation

Observations are made for wildlife conservation supported by universities, given Trabzon’s hundreds of endemic plant species and various bird species.

  • Hunting

Hunting can be done in compliance with control rules, thus balancing wildlife.