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Haçka Plateau

haçka yaylası plateau
haçka-yaylasi-trabzon-sera-lake-resort-hotelhaçka yaylası plateau

Haçka Plateau Travel Guide: Where is it and How to Get There? What Activities Are Available?

Haçka Plateau: A Hidden Paradise in Nature

Trabzon, one of the beautiful cities of the Black Sea region, is famous for its natural beauty and historical sites. While there are many places to visit in this city, one of the most beautiful places in Trabzon is Haçka Plateau. This paradise, filled with natural beauty, is located approximately 70 kilometers from the city center.

Haçka Plateau is renowned for its natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes. Surrounding the plateau are natural pine forests, and while walking around the area, you’ll feel the breeze and hear the chirping of birds. Therefore, Haçka Plateau is a highly popular destination for rural tourism.

Among the other activities you can enjoy in the area are nature walks, camping, fishing, and photography. Additionally, the local villagers living in nearby villages can offer you traditional meals and provide information about local handicrafts.

Places to Visit in Haçka Plateau

  • Haçka Lake

One of the most beautiful spots in Haçka Plateau, Haçka Lake captivates visitors with its magnificent natural scenery.

  • Haçka Waterfall

Located near the plateau, Haçka Waterfall is famous for its clear water and natural beauty.

  • Haçka Village

Haçka Village, which is very popular for plateau tourism, is an excellent place to discover the local way of life and culture.

  • Kızılköy Plateau

Located near Haçka Plateau, Kızılköy Plateau is renowned for its magnificent natural landscapes and is a perfect place for hiking or camping.

Haçka Plateau is one of the most beautiful natural beauties in Trabzon and is frequently visited by tourists from all over Turkey. As a popular destination for rural tourism, Haçka Plateau is a hidden paradise in nature that offers visitors unforgettable memories. If you’re looking to relax and unwind in a place filled with natural beauty, Haçka Plateau is definitely one of the places you must visit.

The plateau, which is located at an altitude of 1900 meters, can be reached via a 12-kilometer dirt road from the south of Düzköy district.