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Kadıralak Plateau Travel Guide

kadıralak yaylası plateau

Kadıralak Plateau Travel Guide: Where is it, How to Get There?

Kadıralak Plateau is located in the Tonya district of Trabzon, 9 kilometers away from the district center and at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level. The plateau is famous for its “blue star” flowers. These flowers, which bloom every year in April, are protected according to the “International Bern Convention”. Access to the plateau is easy with the help of travelers’ reviews. This plateau, accompanied by wonderful views along the way, is worth seeing.

Kadıralak Plateau is located 83 kilometers away from the city center and 9 kilometers away from the district center. Although visitors generally prefer to go by their private vehicles, there are also tours available for transportation to the plateau.

When to Visit Kadıralak Plateau?

The villages in the region are built on the valleys of rivers flowing from the mountains to the sea. Winter months are spent resting in the villages and doing seasonal work and handicrafts. When spring comes, fields are plowed in March and April, and crops are sown in May. Families with summer pastures migrate to their houses here and stay for about a month. Especially the herds are taken to the summer pasture. Migration to the plateau lasts from early June to late September.

Generally, tourists prefer to visit during the blooming period of the “blue star” flowers, which start in April. During the summer season, you can make your holiday more enjoyable by taking a beautiful walk in nature and capturing the magnificent scenery.

Activities to Do in Kadıralak Plateau?

Nature Photography in Kadıralak Plateau

In this plateau, which is a great choice for photography enthusiasts, you can take photos of the “blue star” flowers that bloom in April and the wonderful scenery.

Hiking in Kadıralak Nature

In this plateau surrounded by nature, you can replenish yourself with oxygen by taking a beautiful walk after your tour.

Distance and Transportation to Our Hotel

You can reach the plateau either by your own vehicle or by tours. Transportation to the plateau is not difficult according to travelers’ reviews.

The distance between Rize-Artvin Airport and Kadıralak Plateau is approximately 187 kilometers (km), and it takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes by car.

The distance between Trabzon Airport and Kadıralak Plateau is approximately 81 kilometers (km), and it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes by car.